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Advantages of a Child Care Learning Center
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There is a big difference between taking your child to a home-based caregiver, a child care center and a child care learning center. The big difference is stimulation. Only at a child care learning center is your child going to have the benefits of a specially designed early learning program. These programs are not designed to suffocate your child or to pressure them to learn at too early an age. They are designed instead to stimulate your child and teach them in a place where the surroundings are fun and safe.

In a child care learning center the children are taught a preschool to pre-kindergarten program that will encourage early learning without putting pressure on them. These facilities will sit down with the parents and discuss what is hoped for out of the programs that they offer. They will have highly trained staff who know how to teach younger minds without flooding them with too much information in too short a time. Most times parents feel better about their child attending such a facility, perhaps even less guilty that they are not home with their children all the time, if they can believe that the place offers them something good.

Before you decide which child care learning center you would like to enroll your child in you must first look around. Interview the staff. Sit in on a class; see how the staff relates to the children. As importantly see how the children relate to the staff. Ask yourself do they look comfortable with the staff, do they get enough attention, is there lots of smiling and laughing amongst the children? Then see if they will allow you to talk to some of the other parents. That will give you an impression of how they think the center is functioning for their children.

Once you have decided if the child care learning center is the right one, make sure you drop in every once and a while to ensure our child is getting everything that they need.

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