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Should You Choose Child Care Centers?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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At least seventy percent of all parents put their children into some kind of childcare to allow them to be able to go to work. The question that arises is what kind of childcare is best for a child. Is it that which take places in child care centers or in the home of a person who has children themselves. This is the decision that thousands of parents must make every day of the year as they ask themselves the questions where will my child be best cared for?

The advantages to child care centers is that these facilities must be regulated by the laws of the state. They are inspected regularly and must have the legal quota of worker to child or they are not permitted to remain open. This means that there will never be an overwhelming number of children to only a few caregivers. The child care centers will also be clean and have healthy snacks for the children under their care.

But some people feel that the average child care centers still cannot give enough attention to the individual children and so only the outgoing ones get enough one on one time. So the alternative is putting you child in the home of someone who will care from them while you are at work. If this is the solution you are considering then make sure you inspect the home thoroughly. If there are other children being cared for meet the other parent s and see what they have to say about the caregiver. Don’t keep your child out of the child care centers to save money and then endanger them inadvertently by putting them into a bad homecare program.

Perhaps you will decide that neither of these options are good ones. You think that the child care centers won’t give your child what they need but feel that care in someone’s home, unless it is someone you know, is not the alternative for you either. That leaves you the choice of not going back to work after your children are born or hiring a single individual to care for your child during the day in your home. You will need to look over the alternates and see which one feels like the best one to you.

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